Who texts?

The better question is, ‘who doesn’t text?!‘. 65% of the world’s population uses SMS today and in the U.S., 92% of adults carry text-enabled mobile phones. So what does that mean for you and your business? Let’s take a look at what businesses are actively using SMS and MMS today to reach their customers, leads and employees.

Retail Stores

Answer common questions with automated texts and quickly put the information, quite literally, into the hands of your customers within seconds. Automated answers can include store hours, driving directions, current promos and more. Leverage tools like Tags or Timetext in order to deliver only the most pertinent information to the right groups of recipients.

Travel Agencies

Keep in constant contact with your clients while they travel. Communicate information such as travel delays, weather issues, restaurant recommendations and more. Notify clients of departing tours and other points of interest. Use Pidj.co Surveys to solicit value feedback once trips conclude to ensure you are providing the best experience possible.


Stay connected to your loyal patrons by communicating information such as daily specials, reservation confirmations, event details and more. Manage reservations and confirm table readiness with texts instead of investing in buzzers. Use Pidj.co Pathways to create automated text responses for the most commonly asked questions from your patrons such as service hours, directions, parking concerns, menu options and more.

Professional Services

Manage client appointments and follow-up more effectively. Tools like Pidj.co Timetext make it easy to schedule the delivery of the appropriate follow-up materials, while Textcast empowers you with the tools you need to provide real-time updates to service changes and updates. Log and report all account activity and ensure invoices and billing activities don’t get lost in the mail.

Home Service & Deliveries

Confirm appointments and let homeowners know that your team is on the way. If team members will be entering the home, take the opportunity to make an introduction on their behalf by including their name and a photo to put the homeowner at ease. Use Pidj.co Surveys to get immediate post-service feedback and ensure a pleasant customer experience. Drive operational efficiency by having your team text when they arrive and depart the home so that dispatch is freed up for other activities.

Media Companies

Use Pidj.co to create targeted media campaigns that engage and retain your clients. Deploy Surveys to get valuable marketing insights on behalf of your clients for the enhancement of your projects.

Senior Care

Placing a loved one into a nursing home is often a difficult decision for their family members. Nursing home staff members can use Pidj’s tools to communicate regularly with these family members with personalized messages and pictures that put everyone at ease, while the facility administrators can efficiently communicate with their in-home teams to ensure nothing is lost between the home office and the field.


While construction job sites are likely to be without reliable Internet access, you will always have a way to communicate with your field teams via texts thanks to cellular reception. Use Pidj.co text to communicate updates, solicit time-stamp validations to drive accountability and keep your customers informed of project progress. And when your job is done, deploy a Survey in order to get valuable customer feedback to ensure you’re delivering the best experience possible.

Home-Based Businesses

Email systems are often expensive and clunky for a new business owner. Use business SMS to send meeting invitations, customer updates, order tracking information and more. Need an easy way to follow-up with potential customers? Pidj.co Timetext has you covered so that you’re freed up to invest in other business-driving activities. When a growing business rests entirely on your shoulders, it’s important to note that interactive content like a simple MMS campaign has the power to generate a 70% conversion rate!

Door-to-Door Sales

When your team is in the field, their safety and operational efficiency is incredibly important. Use Pidj.co to get continuous feedback via text on things like location changes, sales activity and address updates and more. Track neighborhood knock-to-answer rates by time of day with ease to ensure your team’s efforts are as optimized as possible. As sales are made, get up-to-date information from new customers on their experience with Surveys.

Financial Services

These days, the customers of financial institutions are accustomed to real-time access to all of their account details. With Pidj.co you can keep your customers up to date with text messages that include information like balance, purchases alerts, new login alerts, when automated bills clear and more. Keep their information private by requiring a texted verification code to login. Allow your customers to get answers to frequently asked questions or provide call back to inquiries.

Medical & Healthcare

Transition your appointment request and patient refills workflows to text and drive operational efficiency. Prioritize callbacks, confirm appointments, communicate waiting room delays and more. Within the office, use Pidj to keep your team on schedule and the support staff in the know. Send alerts to patients when their test results are available for review or to communicate health and wellness tips.


Encourage community involvement by breaking down traditional communication barriers. Use Pidj.co to inform your community of potential hazards or street closures, reminders of community events such as festivals or fairs, or to solicit involvement in an upcoming initiative. Coordinate Parks & Recreation events by leveraging Tags so that you can target the specific members involved, like soccer or baseball teams.

Political Organizations

Many organizations struggle with the challenge of keeping all of their members informed and up-to-date. Use text messaging to organize volunteers for events or to reach out to their local representative. Text is a great way to keep donors in the know of not just events but potential additional needs. Create outreach to registered voters. And when an initiative is complete, deploy a Survey in order to keep a pulse on your engagement strategies so that you are always in a position to optimize your impact.

Nonprofit Organizations

Coordinate volunteers quickly, easily and even while they are working an event. Communicate with beneficiaries and donors both before and after events to keep them up to date on the efforts of your organization. With a 45% engagement rate, fund raising done via text message will get more responses then a phone call that often interrupts family activities.

Religious Organizations

Keep parishioners up-to-date on any updates to the services and events schedule, leveraging Pidj Tags to target messaging to the appropriate groups such as youth group, committee member or staff distributions. Provide a communication channel that your congregation can use to ask questions, request content with ease and privacy when necessary.

Real Estate/Property Mgmt

Pidj.co allows you to introduce a convenient way for your tenants to communicate with you. Urgent vs. non-urgent requests are easily identified and your on-site personnel can in turn manage their time accordingly. Keep your tenants informed of service appointments, rent reminders, amenity updates and more. With SMS, you can create a community that is engaged, informed and safe.

Human Resources

The possibilities for Human Resources are endless. Use text to communicate with your candidates throughout each phase of the interview process, while simultaneously keeping your current employees informed of all operations and facilities updates, emergency protocols, weather-related closures and more. What results is a more engaged and informed company that has all the information they need to do their best work.

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