Why text?

What’s the first thing you did
this morning?

We are betting most people will answer “looked at my phone.” Email marketing has become the go-to for so many companies these days. But amidst all the noise in everyone’s inbox, it can be challenging to stand out as a brand or marketer.

SMS delivers your message in a more direct and reliable way, with less risk of getting lost with the rest of someone’s junk mail. We’ve done a ton of research to deliver some interesting and compelling SMS stats that can help you build a strategy to propel your business forward. These stats tell us that text messaging isn’t slowing down anytime soon. In fact, reports project that it will keep growing as a communication channel at a strong pace into at least 2025.

Meet people where they are.

Since the release of the iPhone, smartphone usage has increased exponentially.  People “live” on their phones.  They are always on us – in our pockets or handbags, and considered among the things one should never leave the home without. Moreover, the power of the smartphone isn’t seen in just our personal lives. Sales and marketing teams, human resources departments and more are using SMS as a powerful tool to connect with customers, leads and employees.


billion people globally send and receive SMS messages


billion people will send and receive SMS text messages by 2025


million people in North America use text messages


say text is the number one thing they use their phones for


of smartphone users use text on a regular basis

Build your brand.

Business SMS texting can play a major role in how you develop relationships with your prospects and customers, and even how you communicate with your employees. By meeting them where they’re already likely to be, you create an opportunity to show them that your company values them, their time and their opinions.


of consumers think companies who text value their time and would recommend them to others


of orgs already using SMS for communications would recommend SMS texting to their colleagues


of consumers say they feel more positive toward a brand that uses mobile messaging to communicate


say the ability to send mobile messages could convince them to pick one product or service over another


of interactions between brands and customers this year will be managed without speaking

Message received.

Successful email marketing campaigns boast open rates of 20% and a click-through (or engagement) rate of 3%. A successful business SMS campaign has an open rate of 98%, is read within 3 minutes and enjoys a 70% conversion rate. What more can you ask for?


of people say text was the number one reason they use their phones


of companies found they communicated with consumers more efficiently after launching texting initiatives


of the time, interactive content like MMS campaigns generate conversions

Create connections.

Engage with your customers in a way that works for them. Encourage meaningful conversations, valuable feedback and opportunities to keep optimizing your communication strategies.


of small businesses using SMS say it offers a higher rate of customer engagement


of people reply to branded text message blasts they receive


of customers prefer receiving text messages vs. phone calls or emails

Communicate with purpose.

Provide targeted information to your contacts. Whether it is a weekend promotion, nightly menu update, or help trouble shooting bookcase building instructions, make texting the preferred method of conversation.


of consumers say using text messaging to communicate with a business was effective


would like to use mobile messaging to contact a company with billing questions or concerns


of consumers want to use mobile messaging to troubleshoot issues


of customers want to use text messaging to make or update a reservation


say they’d prefer to use mobile messaging to update or change a purchase

Avoid frustration.

Make yourself available to your customers and let them participate in the story of your brand.


of consumers say they would like to receive promotions via text messages


say they would pay more for something if it was supported by a mobile messaging channel.


of consumers across all age groups want to be able to contact a business via text


admitted they become frustrated when they are unable to connect with a business via text.


of organizations already using SMS for communications would recommend texting to their colleagues

Future proof.

As people change, so does the way they communicate. As a business, it will always be wise to adapt and be nimble to those changes. Keeping your company inline with current communication trends will always help to future-proof your business.


of businesses don’t have a formal strategy for bulk SMS to take advantage of the time we spend on our phones


of businesses expect their budgets for text message marketing to increase in the next year


of them expect to prioritize SMS-based mobile loyalty schemes and coupons in their plans for next year

As business SMS stats prove, this is not a passing fad. Text messaging is here to stay.

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