Send a broadcast of text messages to a targeted list of contacts

Communicate in real-time with all or a subset of your customers, leads or employees using Textcast. Offer flash sales, loyalty programs, updates to operating hours or other internal processes quickly and effectively, with the confidence that your messages will be read.

“When there is an issue with one of our programs or there is a weather issue that will make us cancel, we’re able to let people know. Nothing is better than having a text message come to your phone which is always on everyone.”

Bryan White, Farmington City


Use Tags to strategically categorize your contact segments

Target future messaging with Tags. Have multiple or single tags for each contact in Roost, assuring that the right message is seen by the right person at the right time. Take the guess work out of marketing.

Tags in action…

You’re putting together a promotion for the Platinum members of your gym, so it will be essential that you communicate the promo details with only that segment of your full members list. With Tags, you can dynamically segment your contacts in a way that allows you to easily identify the appropriate cohorts for all messaging initiatives.


Automate texts to be sent at a specific time for reminders and follow-up

Want to follow up with a lead at a later time but don’t want to have to remember? Have a sale to announce to your customers or a virtual town hall that you want to remind team members about? Timetext lets you schedule messages for deployment at a later date, which means that since you no longer have to manage those communications manually, you are freed up to take care of more business-driving activities.

“I love how you can schedule text messages to go out at specific times on specific days. This is great for sharing details for multiday events. And Pidj is easy to manage on the backend, so you don’t have to spend much time setting up messages or managing contacts.”

Tara Pike, Fulltime Families


Enter contacts into surveys for simple ratings or feedback

Get immediate, actionable information from your contacts. Send out customer satisfaction surveys after the completion of a service, event or project in order to gauge customer sentiment and identify optimization opportunities. Leverage survey responses for both customer service initiatives as well as for use in your marketing content.

Surveys in action…

You’ve recently remodeled the lobby of your apartment complex and want to get feedback from your residents on how they like the changes. With Survey, you can gather valuable information from those residents across a variety of formats, including multiple choice, scale/rating mechanisms, general Q&A or free-form response.


Route inbound messages through automated responses or actions

Establish an omni-channel communication network with your community that rests on the power of text messaging. With Pathways, ITR – Interactive Text Response – immediately routes the person who is reaching out to the right agent, providing the quick and personal experience needed within the communication channel that is most appropriate for your organization.

“We needed something like a call center phone system, but with text. Pidj was the only solution that made sense and did exactly what we wanted. We love that we can integrate with our current contact center phone numbers, so that our phone and text lines have the exact same numbers.”

Parker Jones, Clearhome


Create skills-based or department-specific groups for inbound and outbound messaging

Groups is a way to create messaging queues based on group designation to ensure immediate and appropriate customer service interactions. Guarantee that inquiries are queued in the group that is most equipped to respond to the request

Groups in action…

You have different departments and specialists that need to receive and respond to a variety of requests. With Groups, you can create subject matter expert groupings so that your team can focus on the areas where they can bring the most accurate and efficient resolution, and your customers will never be greeted by a rep who can’t help them.


Automated texts at pre-defined intervals to targeted contacts

Schedule messages at defined intervals to any contact so that they receive all communications when you want it. Generate sales, onboard new customers and employees or remind players of best practices. Series delivers messaging at the right cadence so that the recipient is never overwhelmed but instead perfectly informed.

“In using Pidj, I was able to set up recurring texts. We’re able to transition to using texts to send out important communications with our customers. This transition helped to get communications out faster and it ensured the customers actually saw what we communicated.”

Rachel Whetstone, SwimKids


Trigger unique keyword actions when tagging or queueing

There are many common questions that come in via text messages — hours of operations inquiries, direction requests, menu options, sign up for sales announcements and more. With the use of Keywords, Pidj.co can send automated responses to these commonly sent texts to assure that people receive their answers in seconds. Freeing up your teams time and meeting your customer needs.

Keywords in action…

You have a slew of informational resources available to your members, but want to send them only what they have expressed interest in. With Pidj’s Keywords, members can text a topic name to sign up for future messaging related to that topic. Keywords can also be used to complete surveys, report vandalism, or enter contests.

Live Agent

Have 2-way text conversations in real time

Communicate with your customers on their terms by introducing text messaging to your customer service arsenal. In an increasingly fast-paced world, empower your agents to trouble-shoot more effectively at the mobile device level with your customers.

Live Agent in action…

No matter how dialed in a product or service offering is, customers will always have questions, issues or requests. And these days, it’s imperative that you address those needs as quickly as possible. With Live Agent, you can have live conversations, view historical interactions at the user level, add notes and bookmarks or relevant tags to ensure all future communications are as personalized as possible.


Text enable your tech stack for increased optimization

The Pidj.co platform offers an open API so that it can be integrated seamlessly into your pre-existing software network. These configurations result in a synergy that increases efficiency by making outbound and inbound communications accessible at any point and completely de-siloed.

API in action…

Your warehouse uses a shipping software that tracks all shipments and you want to be able to update customers throughout all phases of the delivery so they are never left wondering when they will receive their shipment. With API, you can introduce text messaging into your shipping and logistics workflow so that all delivery milestones are communicated to the customer.


Messaging metrics for trend analysis

Roost is home to a variety of user-friendly dashboards that provide real-time insight into valuable performance metrics across all of your messaging campaigns. Metrics such as delivery, receipt and response rates can inform the evolution of your messaging strategy so that you are never left blind-sided by data.

Reporting in action…

As a business manager, you want to understand your entire messaging ecosystem. You need visibility into things like message volume, routing trends, agent performance and delivery metrics. Reporting puts all this information at your fingertips so that you can optimize and course-correct where necessary before small problems become big ones.

Extra Options


A more efficient, reliable way to communicate in a group

Create an opt-in messaging group for the purpose of frequent and ongoing communication between a consistent group of people. Do away with traditional text groups that have to be stopped and started each time someone joins or leaves. Manage your Teamtext in Roost and preserve all communication history, add/remove users with ease and establish ‘control word’ commands to activate enhanced options like ‘menu’, ‘signature’ or ‘leave group’.

Teamtext in action…

You’re a little league coach. You need to communicate to the team and their parents. And vice versa. Change the location of practice. Advise everyone about a postponed game. Schedule snacks and rides. It’s group text without the hassles of adding or removing people. Or dealing with countless voicemails and emails.


Make your presentations interactive — connecting and reacting immediately

Engage attendees with real-time crowdsourced interaction forums. Moderated chat rooms allow attendees to ask questions directly via text. Approved questions can be posted publicly to all attendees and subsequently voted on so that panelists can answer them in order of importance to the audience. Easily track engagements for post-event follow-up with event-specific tagging.

Engagements in action…

You are approaching the Q&A session of your big presentation and you’d like to make sure that you cover the content that is most meaningful to your audience. Because your attendees have been submitting their questions throughout the presentation with the Pidj Engagements tool, they’ve been able to up-vote each-other’s questions so that you know what they’d like to discuss the most. As a result, you are not only empowered to deliver the content they need, but you have access to all of the other participant details within the tool such as who was there, what questions were asked and what follow-up might be required.

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