An Interactive Text Messaging Service

Connect with your customers and community via two-way and bulk SMS.


Promote & Connect

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open rate for
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Extend Reach with Bulk SMS

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Gain Community Engagement

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Text enable your organization’s phone number for instant customer connections and community engagement. puts the power of conversation in your hands and on your customers’ phones. Create targeted messaging for your audience delivered at the right time, to the right place — their phones. When, why, and how your contacts receive your texts determines engagement.

Make your business texting matter with a targeted SMS messaging service.

Customize Your

Our bulk SMS Textcast
feature and Tags give your audience the information they’re looking for when they’re
looking for it.

Streamline & Automate Outreach

Series, our automated text message feature, creates nurturing campaigns that send texts at predetermined intervals for continual customer outreach.

Build Community Engagement

Conversations are the heartbeat of every organization. Communicate directly with your audience using two-way text Live Agent Interactions.


Our robust API streamlines contact management, automates customer communication, and integrates with widely used CRM tools.

Centralize Text Messaging Management features a single, easy-to-use interface to send bulk SMS, set up text campaigns, and manage your text conversations.

Use our powerful, intuitive text messaging platform in a streamlined cloud-based web portal…

…or on our native mobile app
that you can take anywhere.

Your Business Texting & Community
Engagement Solution


Quickly and easily broadcast information to communities, customers, and employees about sales, events, and more with Textcast, our bulk texting feature.  More »


Schedule texts to be sent at a specific date/time for sales follow-ups, community announcements, or flash promotions with our automated text message service Timetext. More »


Understand what your customers, employees, or community members are thinking with quick and easy mass text surveys. More »


Keep leads engaged, customers loyal, and employees informed with long-term business texting campaigns that they are sure to see. More »


Tag individuals or groups to specific events, interactions, and campaigns for targeted and personalized communication that meets their needs. More »


Create automated responses to your audience’s inquires using pre-programmed replies to specific questions, as well as many other actions, with keyword functionality. More »


Give your customers and community members the assistance they need by routing specific questions to a live agent through interactive text response. More »


Robust API
More »

Easy, Instant Two-Way & Bulk SMS