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The average
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The percentage who have their smartphone easily accessible is



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Text enable your business phone number for instant customer connections

Create targeted messaging for your customers at the right time, at the right place — their phones. When, why, and how your customers receive your texts will increase engagement. will put the power of conversation into your hands and on your customers’ phones.

Make your business text messages matter

Target Your

Use Textcast and Tags to give your customer the information they’re looking for when they’re looking for it.


Series creates nurturing campaigns that send texts at predetermined intervals for continual customer outreach.


Conversations are the heartbeat of every business. Communicate directly with your customers using two-way text Live Agent Interactions.


Our robust API streamlines contact management, automates customer communication, and integrates with widely used CRM tools.

Management features a single interface to send texts, set up campaigns, and manage your text conversations.

An easy-to-use cloud based web portal

Your business SMS solution


Broadcast information to communities, customers, and employees about sales, events, and more. Get what you want out quickly to everyone. More »


Schedule texts to be sent at a specific date/time for sales follow up, special announcements, or additional customer information. More »


Understand what your customers or employees are thinking with quick and easy text surveys. More »


Keep leads engaged, customers loyal, and employees informed with long term text campaigns that they are sure to see. More »


Tag customers to specific events, interactions and campaigns allowing for targeted and personalized communication that meets their needs. More »


Create automated responses to your customers inquires using pre-programmed replies to specific questions as well as many other actions. More »


Give your customers and employees the assistance they are seeking by routing specific questions to a live agent through interactive text response. More »


Robust API
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Slide Pidj has been a life saver for our rec department. We save so much time with one-to-one mass texting. And we're far more effective promoting events or programs and reaching out to coaches, parents, and volunteers. The response time using Textcast is far better than email. Slide Pidj has been great for our city. We can stay in touch better with patrons. We love the two-way texting. If there is an issue with a program, we're able to let people know. Instead of having to look up an email or check voicemail, people see it right then and there. Slide Pidj is great for a small business. I'm able to set up recurring texts, mass texts, and scheduled texts. Much faster than making phone calls and more reliable than sending emails. I've never found any other texting service that comes close to what Pidj does. Slide We needed something like a call center system, but with text. Pidj was the only solution that did exactly what we needed. It's easy to manage on the IT end. And we can integrate with our current contact center numbers so our phone and text lines have the same number.