Level up your invoicing and payments with text.

Pidj + FreshBooks Pricing



1 users

1 phone number

$.05/message USD

14-day free trial (100 messages)



2 users

1 phone number

500 included messages

$.03 overage USD

14-day free trial (100 messages)

Setting up FreshBooks integration

Why Pidj and FreshBooks?

Live Invoice Sync

Seamlessly sync unpaid invoices to Pidj to send new inovices or payment reminders.

Straightforward Filtering

Easily filter your invoices based on invoice date, invoice status, or customer name.

Effortless Personalization

Automate message personalization to add client name and custom invoice links for easy viewing and payment.


Quickly and easily broadcast information to customers about your services, promotions, training videos, and more with Textcast, our bulk texting feature.


Schedule texts to be sent at a specific date/time for sales follow-ups, announcements, or flash promotions with our automated text message service Timetext.

Live Agent

Engage back and forth with your customers about service questions or appointment changes.


Allow members to opt-in to different messaging topics by texting keywords like “HVAC”.

Inbound Text Routing

Route specific questions to a chatbot or live agent through interactive text response.

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