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Building Community Engagement with Text Messaging

What’s the first thing you did this morning? If you’re like most people, the answer is “looked at my phone.” In today’s oversaturated media and marketing environment, it’s important to reach people where they spend their time. Business SMS delivers your message directly and reliably while encouraging community engagement thanks to two-way SMS communication between your organization and its target audience.

Meet people where they are with business texting.

Since the release of the iPhone, smartphone usage has increased exponentially. People “live” on their phones. Moreover, the power of the smartphone isn’t seen in just our personal lives. Sales and marketing teams, HOAs, sports organizations, recreation departments, churches and more are using business texting solutions as a powerful tool to connect with customers, employees, community members, teammates and other targeted audiences.


of smartphone users use text on a regular basis


say text is the number one thing they use their phones for


of organizations using business SMS would recommend business texting solutions

Business texting isn’t just for businesses.

Business SMS Works

Successful email marketing campaigns boast open rates of 20% and a click-through (or engagement) rate of 3%. A successful business SMS campaign has an open rate of 98%, is read within 3 minutes and enjoys a 70% conversion rate.



of companies found they communicated with consumers more efficiently after launching texting initiatives.



of small businesses using SMS say it offers a higher rate of customer engagement.



of the time, interactive content like MMS campaigns generate conversions.

Create connections and communicate with purpose using business SMS.


Business texting solutions allow you to engage with your customers and community in a way that works for them. can help you encourage meaningful conversations, receive valuable feedback and gain opportunities to keep optimizing your communication strategies.


of customers prefer receiving text messages vs. phone calls or emails.


of consumers across all age groups want to be able to contact a business via text.


of people reply to branded text message blasts they receive.

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