Why Your Company Needs a White Label SMS Platform

Managing customer communication is a challenge that is requiring more and more resources in an ever-changing landscape of channels, technologies, and tools. Whether in marketing, customer service, or even internal company communication, trying to keep up with the latest and greatest can be a huge drain on your business. That’s why many companies are turning to white label SMS platforms to do the heavy lifting for them. In fact, you’ve most likely engaged with or purchased a white label product without even knowing it.

White Label Bulk Texting Solutions

Also known as private label branding, white label marketing has steadily grown in prominence since entering the marketing scene in the late 1990s. Now commonly used by big-box retailers and large corporations, private label branding for SMS communications is gaining popularity across industries both big and small because it saves companies serious time, money, and resources.

What is a white label SMS platform?

A white label SMS platform is a fully-customizable SMS platform stacked with all the bells and whistles, ready and waiting for you to brand it as your own. The best of these platforms give you the perfect blank slate to customize their whole suite of services with your company’s branding (think logo, brand colors, fonts, imagery, etc.), so your customers have no way of knowing the platform isn’t proprietary.

White Label SMS Platform Benefits

As we mentioned earlier, companies opt for white label services because they save significant resources. Building an SMS platform from scratch costs a lot of money and requires very specific technical expertise to develop, test, and refine your platform. The quicker you go white label, the quicker you can go to market. It’s that simple. There are other benefits to white labeling, though.

Custom Branded User Interface and Web Portal

Get full customization from top to bottom. From the user interface to the web portal where you can manage your customers and communications, white label SMS platforms allow you to seamlessly incorporate your branding to make the service your own. That means everything on the platform and everything your customers see is customized with your brand’s logo, colors, font, design style, etc.

Software You Can Trust

Business texting services that offer their platforms under a white label are specialists in the field. Trust the experts to provide a reliable service to your clients – it’s practically guaranteed to be a better customer experience than if you go at it alone.

Buy Wholesale & Increase Your Revenue

You can expect to see an increase in revenue when you buy a white label SMS platform at a one-time wholesale price. Branded SMS can not only increase overall gains with new customers and revenue streams, but you also can easily increase your average revenue per customer by upselling your existing customer base with custom features and packages, of which you keep 100% of the profits.

Expert Training & White Labeled Sales Tools

From co-lead demos and sales calls with an SMS solutions architect to white label SMS marketing software and materials, white label SMS partners provide support and tools to ensure success on their platforms.

Choose Your Text Carrier

Top-tier white label SMS platforms give you the option to stick with your existing text carrier or switch to theirs – whichever best fits your company’s needs.

Invoicing Made Simple

Tired of handling customer invoicing? Some white label SMS platforms will handle that for you.

White Label SMS Platform Features & Applications

White label text messaging software for businesses goes beyond just text message marketing. While many companies use business SMS as part of their marketing campaigns, white label SMS platforms can be used for so much more.

Two-way SMS with Live Agent

Need to troubleshoot a problem with a customer? Or answer a question not covered in your FAQs? Maybe you’re fielding time-sensitive questions about an upcoming event. A white label SMS platform gives you the ability to directly (and quickly) communicate with your customers under your own branding via two-way SMS.

Timetext for Reminders & Follow Ups

A great marketing tool for following up with leads or announcing sales, Timetext is also perfect for delivering time-sensitive information for multi-day events, appointment reminders, and follow-up communications – all under the umbrella of your brand.

Community Engagement and Customer Retention

The best white label SMS platforms provide a customizable suite of business texting features that can be used to improve brand recognition and loyalty while promoting community engagement and increasing customer retention. How, you ask? By reaching people where they are – their phones – under the banner of your brand.

SMS surveys, Keywords, Series, Web Chat, Textcast, Tags, and more all help you communicate effectively and efficiently with the people you want to reach – and the people who want to be reached. Personalized, branded, well-timed SMS messages managed and sent via a white label SMS platform can help create customers for life.

Cost-effective, Branded Communication

Ultimately, there is one driving question behind the move to white label SMS platforms: Why waste valuable time and money to build something that’s already been perfected? Savvy companies know better and turn to white label SMS platforms to utilize what they do best – branded SMS communication.

Easy, instant texting.