We are Pidj.co

Our mission

We continually develop powerful SMS/MMS text messaging services that provide companies and organizations with the tools to effectively communicate with their customers, employees, and constituents.


Our team of energetic folks is passionate about building the best messaging products to serve our customers.  Each of us brings a level of experience and diversity that not only sets us apart from our competitors but ultimately unites us as a family.


We completely own our results, taking initiative and striving for perfection in everything that we do. We trust each other to do their part because no one will accept anything less than their best. And, we have fun while we’re doing it!


Trueness is our foundation. The way we operate, the way we live, the way we interact. We embrace an easy-going, respectful attitude alongside a deep sense of responsibility – to ourselves, our families, & our customers.

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, with team members throughout the U.S., our homes are unique in their own right while providing each teammate with the perfect location to do their best work.

We work tirelessly to provide our customers with the very best. And when we’re not hard at work for you, we’re giving back to our communities, our families, our churches and the environment. We know that together we can impact meaningful change.

What’s in a name?

See why we chose the name Pidj.co.

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